About Sand Animation

  • Creation of Indian Sand Artist Badal Barai with grains of sand is worth a thousand words.
  • Sand Animation, is beautiful to look at, but it lasts only for a few seconds only. Perhaps this special feature of the work of a sand artist makes this art form so appealing, aside from its beauty, is its fragility and ephemeral nature.
  • Sand Animation is the most compelling modern art form to come around in decades. A popular new trend in art. Sand Art is a form of live sand painting which evolved from earlier sand animation films. Sand Art is very dynamic and requires the presence of the Sand Artist to happen. Sand Art is quickly becoming very popular and famous all over the World.
  • Sand animation, also known as sand art, is a term which has two meanings. It is the name given to a style of live performance art and to a type of animation work. In the former, a sand artist creates a series of images using sand, a process which is achieved by applying sand to a surface and then rendering images by drawing lines and figures in the sand with hands of the sand artist. A sand artist will often use the aid of an overhead projector or lightbox (similar to one used by photographers to view translucent films). In the latter, animators move around sand on a backlighted or frontlighted piece of glass to create each frame for their animated films.
  • Sand Artist Badal Barai moves the grains of sand, always in constant motion as the audience  unbelievably watches  unique live performance art created before their own eyes.
  • The amazing creations of Sand Artist Badal Barai are projected on a single or multiple screens to create and  re-create intricate, seemingly three dimensional landscapes, symbols, figures, company logos & products, objects and emotional / spiritual stories.
  • As soon as the first creation created by the sand artist is finished, it is swept away or transformed to become something entirely new and original. Temporary renderings are completed at a really swift pace with precise and gentle hand of the sand artist strokes to a constant rising amazement.
  • The synchronized music adds to the hypnotic effect to the mesmerizing effect of  sand art mastery and incredible creations of Sand Artist Badal Barai
  • The Live Sand Animation act by Sand Artist Badal Barai can be customized to as per the theme as well used by any brand/product to communicate with its target audience in an interesting way.
  • Indian Sand Artist Badal Barai, a name in sand animation is available for live shows and creative work on sand animation in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Odisha, Kolkata …
  • You Tube Channel Link for Sand animation videos by Sand Artist Badal Barai
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCskRsKmSoa0qzFJQN4aJ0OA/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=0

         ——Sand Artist Badal Barai  in live sand art show.


Sand Artist Badal Barai, one of the Famaous Personality in the field of Sand Animation, is available for live sand art show at Mumbai, Delhi, Odisha, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Kolkata , in India and Abroad.
Official website of Sand Artist Badal Barai
Click the link below for exclusive Sand Art videos by Badal Barai
Contact (Whats App Number)of Sand Artist Badal Barai
+91 9831115707
e mail: badalbarai2011@gmail.com
Live Sand Animation Show for noticeable past events by Sand Artist Badal Barai ( With Details)
Some of the past Live Sand Art Shows.. by Sand Artist Badal Barai: ** 20th January, 2017 Vedic Village, Kolkata —PASA, Tata Tiscon, Durashine ** 21st Jan, Bangalore —CISCO, Annual Meet ** 5th Feb Krishnanagar, West Bengal. — SPECIAL PERFORMANCE for Educational Institution ** 13th Feb The Oberoi Grand , Kolkata —CASTROL ** 17th Feb Taj Bengal, Kolkata. —VOITH GROUP ** 7& 8th March Dibrugar, Assam. —64 ARMY ENGINEERING REGIMENT (GOLDEN JUBILEE) ** 24th March JW Marriot, Kolkata, — 80 Years Celebration of COLGATE PALMOLIVE ** 2nd April Radisson Blu Dwarka, Sector -13, New Delhi – 110075 —- 80 Years Celebration of COLGATE PALMOLIVE (same as Kolkata with minor changes) ** 11th April Jaigar Fort, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN. — International Conference of NSDL. ** 27th April, Kolkata — Tv Channel, Akash Aat, Special Episode of ‘Lakhhichhana’ —- Telecast on 24th May, 2017 at 9.30 P.M. ** 10 th June at GD Birla Sabhagar, Kolkata —- Annual Programme of NAWA, NGO
** 15th July at Park Hotel, Kolkata
— Golden Jubilee Anniversary
** 22nd July at Fort William, Kolkata
— Retirement of General of Eastern Command, Indian Army
** 8th August , JWQ MARRIOTT, MUMBAI
— Sand Art Video for Sand Animation Video for Cricket – Abugoad Premier League -Mumbai.
** 28th September, JECC, Jaipur
–15000+ Audience, Presence of Vasundhara Raje, honourable CM, Rajasthan and Sadguru Ji at Jaipur Exhibition and Convension Centre (JECC). The Programme was for Water and River Conservation Project…organised by Department of Tourism, Govt of Rajasthan and ISHA Foundation.
** 2nd November, 2017 at Hyatt Regency, Pune
— Celebration of Partnership between ICI and HUNTSMAN
** 10th November, 2017 at J.W. Mariott, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
— Live Sand Art ‘Daughter Are Precious’ at
Healthcare SUMMIT 2017, Rajasthan, organised by Deptt. of Health, Govt. of Rajasthan
** 14th -15th November at Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh
— Golden Jubilee Celebration of 59, Engineering Regiment, Indian Army
** 29th Nov–
Live Sand Art Show at INDORE
** 30th Nov–
Live Sand Art Show at Raipur University for Institution for Woman Studies
** 18th of December, 2017–4 Years of Rajasthan Govt. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Jaipur, Rajasthan at Swai Man Singh Stadium Ground
** 3rd January, 2018–
Sand Art for 25 Years Journey of SYMBIOSIS (Management Institution), PUNE
** 13th and 14 th January , 2018 —
Live Sand Art Show at CR Park Delhi
**18 th January —
Live Sand Art Show at Vedic Village, Kolkata in the Occasion of Annual Dealers Meet of TATA STEEL
** 22nd January —
Live Sand Art Show at INDORE , Corporate Programmme. Story of LIUGONG, China Based MNC and worlds Largest Manufacturer of Wheel Loader.
** 1st February —
Live Sand Art Show at Lucknow, Corporate Show. Sand Story of M.P. Birla Cement. Cement se Sapno Ki Ghar.
** 8th February —
Live Sand Art Show at NIT , DURGAPUR
**11th of February —
Live Sand Art Sow and WORKSHOP on Sand ART ar IIEST , Sibpur, Hawrah
** 16th of Feb, 2018 at ITC Sonar Bangla . Conferrence by Ladies Studies Group , Indian Chember of Commerce with representatives from INDIA, BANGLADESH, NEPAL, SRI LANKA, PAKISTAN and MYANMAR.
** 25th of February at Indore for Golden Jubilee Marriage Anniversary.

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